Saturday, August 22, 2015

Doktor Kurang Ajar Ambil Selfie Ketika Rawat Pesakit

Doktor Kurang Ajar Ambil Selfie Ketika Rawat Pesakit

Seorang doktor di hospital kerajaan yang terletak di Johor Bahru bertindak melampau apbila mengambil gambar selfie ketika merawat seorang pesakit.

Melalui kiriman seorang wanita, gambar ini merupakan rakannya yang mengalami masalah obstetrik / sakit puan, namun doktor yang merawatnya bertindak acuh tidak acuh sahaja.

Ini Tulisnya:

Dear Sir,

I am appalled by the level of stupidity and arrogance of your junior doctor in one of the government hospital in Johor Bahru.

This picture was shown to me by one of my friend, apparently this mother is having some sort of obstetrics emergency, and instead of taking the matter seriously, they opted to take photo.

This kind of behaviour and inconsiderate action has deeply offended me and the people that I have shown the picture to.

The most ridiculous part is, the whole private area is involved in the picture. I honestly don't see any sense of victorious contrary to her hand sign.

Please take this thing seriously and render the necessary punishments towards them, and salvage the already failing level of quality in the Malaysian doctors. I am sincerely considering of forwarding this picture to the main social media / major newspaper channels.

I am quite sure they will be very much interested in investigating into the whole issue.

Worried and concerned Malaysians


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