Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Tindakan Pasangan Ini Berkahwin Mengikut Cara Barat Dikritik Ramai

Tindakan Pasangan Ini Berkahwin Mengikut Cara Barat Dikritik Ramai

Satu perkahwinan campur telah menjadi perhatian orang ramai apabila pasangan ini membuat perkahwinan ala-ala barat.

Ramai yang tertanya-tanaya adakah dia Islam atau sebaliknya kerana terdapat gambar yang menjadi tanda tanya.

Ini gambar perkahwinan mereka:

Ala ala kristian

cium di khalayak ramai

minum minuman keras

bercium lagi

Kerana kritikan tersebut dia telah tampil memuatnaik sebuah gambar bertulis "melayu" dengan kepsyen

So I got back to my hotel room to hoards of hate mails and 'kepoh' comments from people who think they have a clue about what my life is all about. People ask me if I am malay, (pakistan/chinese/indian to be exact) Because that automatically means Islam is budaya Melayu only. First of all, Melayu tak wujud-bangsa tak wujud. (Yang fail sejarah tu please baca balik tgk mana the roots of 'Melayu') Islam never teaches us to differentiate your saudara from skin color, status, blood, etc.

Secondly, I had two ceremonies, one to honor my culture, one his. For my muslim ceremony, he honored my culture and rites, so why cant I, too? Islam tak haramkan tolerance with other religion and culture asalkan tk bercanggah dengan Islam. That is NOT a priest officiating us (this is hillarious) he did it out of symbolic cultural references which I found no harm done (its my way of respecting & honoring my inlaws). There was only love and unity in that ceremony ❤️ .

Intercultural marriage is one of the most encouraged things to do in Islam, and we compromised to fit both cultural demands and I find that absolutely beautiful. :) what is wrong on embracing cultures? You Malays do many things that are haram in Islam but tutup sebelah mata; bersanding, tepung tawar, hantaran mahal2, cukur kening, fitnah, bukak aib orang tu tak haram? People say if u have nothing nice to say than shut up, you do not live in my shoes and you have no right to play God in my case and you go about worrying abt your own live. I swear extreme mentality like this is the cause for the downfall of this nation. Calm your tits down, Malays and start being kind to your neighbours and stop being overanalytical creeps. Islam tu indah and senang, I married a mualaf and he isnt perfect, neither do I and all of you :) Got time summore to put my pics in collage . Be kind to your neighbours and love all and learn and embrace the good. ❤here's to a better, accomodating Malaysia.

P/s: leave your goodie-goodie abusive comments out the door, nak tnya can ask elok2, where's your manners, buat malu mak bapak je.

haters gonna hate now back to my bab* guling in Bali.


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