Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ahli Politik Nafi Dakwaan Cuba Memperkosa Eina Azman

Ahli Politik Nafi Dakwaan Cuba Memperkosa Eina Azman

Datuk Jamal Md Yunos Ketua Umno Sungai besar menafikan laporan dia cuba memperkosa pelakon jelita Eina Azman.

Datuk Jamal akui mengenali pelakon itu bahkan ramai lagi artis termasuk Siti Nurhaliza kerana dia merupakan ahli perniagaan dan mempunya perniagaan di dalam industri hiburan.

Ekoran tuduhan itu, Datuk jamal telah membuat laporan polis untuk membersihkan namanya.

Ini komennya:

“I know many artistes because I am a businessman and I have an entertainment company.

“I know her (Eina) and many others I have met. I have also met (Datuk) Siti Nurhaliza before, as well as other artistes,”

“I don’t see it as a statement made by the artiste herself.

“That was a statement by someone else wanting to involve me. I have checked, the artiste never made any such statements.”

“I lodged reports on slander and lies on social media which are not true and is getting more ridiculous by the day.

“I also deny my involvement in things being alleged on social media about Eina, about me wanting to spit at Tun Mahathir, about me receiving RM3 million to organise the rally and many others.”

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